Top Porn Categories user search for

Statistics on pornography prove one thing; people all over the world love it. Last year, more than 28 billion people visited one site alone. That averages to about 81 million visitors each day. The United States came in first place. The average American person spent nearly 11 minutes looking at porno each time they visited a site. So what exactly where these people looking at? What type of pornographic content did they check out most?

The top porn categories may surprise some since they are not what most expected them to be. A few include genres that a lot of individuals probably never heard about. Or that they did not know where so popularly in the adult world.

Lesbian – In mostly every country in the world, the lesbian genre was number one. Folks all over seem to have an obsession with lesbian porn content. Girl on girl porno has always been a male fantasy. This dates back to the beginning of time. It appears that women love lesbian smut as well since it was number one with them. The lesbian pornographic content allows those who are curious about it to find out more. They can also learn about lesbian scissoring, seductions and several other sex acts related to girl-on-girl porn.

MILF – Hard to believe that a simple line in a movie could end up becoming a phenomenon in the adult world. Not only there, but even making it to mainstream. This is what has happened with the MILF genre. Mature women with hot bodies have become a sexual fantasy for millions. These ‘Moms people like to fu**” as the acronym says, are very popular.

Hentai – This is one adult category that many are shocked to see at the top. However, hentai porn managed to beat out hundreds of other well-known genres. Even though the sexually explicit content which takes place in hentai is animated, that did not matter. In fact, many who watch hentai porno say it is one of the things they love about it so much. Without limitations when it comes to the content, people get to see sexual acts they would never see with real actors.

Babysitter – Something about a sexy and horny babysitter that makes so many people aroused. Nannies all over the world are being lust after. Proof of this is obvious in the popularity behind babysitter porn videos. They can be hidden, amateur or professionally filmed. Either way, there are hundreds of scenarios which take place. All involving naughty, sensuous and hot babysitters.

Step Mom, Step Sister, Mom – All three of these categories caused quite a shock to many when they saw them at the top. But this all goes back to the fantasy and MILF concept. At least the step-mom and mom are connected to the MILF. The step sister porn category may have to do with individuals who simply have the hots for theirs step sibling. Either way, all three of these genres managed to make it to the top ten in porn.